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Radware is the global leader in integrated application delivery solutions delivering full availability, maximum performance and complete security of all business critical networked applications while dramatically cutting operating and scaling costs.

Radware’s application-smart switches are deployed by more than 5,000 enterprises and carriers worldwide to drive business productivity and improve profitability. The company’s unified application delivery solution adds critical application intelligence to IP infrastructures, making networks more responsive to specific business processes. Supporting all-in-one availability, performance and security functionality, Radware’s best in class product family provides the most complete set of application front-end, remote access and security capabilities for intelligent application-specific tuning of global networks to ensure faster, more reliable and secure business transactions

Radware is a member of the RAD Group, a family of independent companies that develop, manufacture and market solutions for diverse segments of the networking and telecommunications industry. Radware offers technical support for all of its products through the Certainty Support Program. Each level of the Certainty Support Program consists of four elements - phone support, software updates, hardware maintenance and on-site support, combined into a single support package. Each level of the program-bundles adds incremental value to the support package and support is on a per unit basis.

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